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2018-06-03 升级至 color admin 4.1.1

2018-05-25 升级至 color admin 4.1

2018-03-14 升级至 color admin 4.0.2


FIX: Update the angular 5 documentation (require asset folder during installation)

FIX: Login V2 for Angular 5 version

2018-03-08 升级至 color admin 4.0


 NEW: Transparent Design

NEW: Laravel Version

NEW: Angular 5 Full Version (without jQuery)

NEW: Bootstrap 3 & 4 Support

NEW: Large Screen Support for Frontend Theme ( >= 1920px)

NEW: Smart Submenu for Fixed Minified Sidebar (support unlimited scroll)

NEW: Email Page

NEW: Profile Page

NEW: jQuery Smart Wizard

NEW: Highlight JS

NEW: UI Design

NEW: Button / Alert / Background / Label Color Scheme

NEW: LESS file for all version

ENHANCE: Ajax Version

ENHANCE: Standardize Assets Folder

ENHANCE: Ajax Version

UPDATE: jQuery 3.x

UPDATE: Bootstrap 4.0

UPDATE: FontAwesome 5.0

UPDATE: DataTables 1.10.10

and some other minor bugfix

2017-08-16 升级至 color admin 3.0

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