Microsemi 2017 Q2 招聘

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Position : Staff ASIC Design Engineer

Business Unit: ESC - PerformanceStorage

Location: Shanghai, China


Asa product development engineer in the Performance Storage group, you will workon developing our next generation SSD Controller products. This will involvetaking a design from initial concept to production form. You will providetechnical leadership to a team of engineers working on the project.



  • Provide technical leadershipto a team to designing and developing complex digital integrated circuits atthe block and subsystem level (100K~10M gates)

  • Work with system and chiparchitects to define block/subsystem feature sets, define and document microarchitecture and implementation details into engineering documents

  • Provide guidance to the teamperforming development activities such as RTL coding, Synthesis, FormalVerification, and Static Timing Analysis

  • Work with verification teamsin the US and India to resolve issues and communicate status

  • Support FPGA emulation, andASIC LAB validation



  • Master's degree with 7+ yearsrelated experience

  • Proficient in VHDL orVerilog/System Verilog

  • Excellent analytical anddebugging skills and the ability to proactively solve issues

  • Excellent teamwork and timemanagement skills and the ability to work under pressure

  • Proven ability to learn andadapt to new methodologies and technologies

  • Excellent scripting andprogramming skills with languages such as TCL, C, and Perl

  • Working knowledge of ASICdesign processes (design, verification, implementation, layout) and flows

  • Working knowledge with Designand Verification tools such as Design Compiler, Cadence NC-SIM, waveformviewers, and other similar tools

  • Working experiences with ARMprocessor and interconnect IPs will be an asset

  • Protocol knowledge andexperience in PCI-Express, DDR, or NAND flash will be an asset

  • Excellent verbal and writtencommunication skills in English



Position : Staff Firmware Engineer

Business Unit: ESC - PerformanceStorage

Location: Shanghai, China


Youwill join a R&D team in design, development, verification and release ofbest-in-class firmware to Microsemi PCI Express switching products. Shanghaiteam, as part of Microsemi global R&D, closely collaborates withgeographical chip design, validation, marketing and application engineering teamsfor successful product delivery. You will be responsible for developing andverifying the firmware solution based on PCIe and NVMe technology.



  • Analyze business &technical requirements and build firmware module designs

  • Develop state of art firmwareon embedded system

  • Participate in specification,design and implementation review with peers

  • Use of storage testers,analyzer and other debug tools

  • Write and review engineeringdesign document and customer guide

  • Debug and resolve defectsreported from global customers



  • Master or Bachelor's degreein Electrical Engineering or Computer Science

  • 3+ years working experienceon Firmware development and verification

  • Strong C language programmingand debugging

  • Excellent at both spoken andwritten English (passed CET-6)

  • Eager to learn, team-working,and good communications

  • Mastery of PCI Expresstechnology is highly desired

  • Experience with storagefabric system, or Ethernet fabric or virtualization software are plus

  • Experience with ARM/MIPSarchitecture, Linux/ThreadX and SoC peripherals are plus



Position : Staff Firmware Applications Engineer

Business Unit: ESC - ScalableStorage

Location: Shanghai, China


OurApplication Engineering team is responsible for working closely with theProduct Development teams, Product Validation teams, Marketing teams, and Salesteams to provide world-class technical customer support. We provide technicalsupport to assist in design wins, customer product ramp, and customer product production.We offer a challenging and dynamic working environment with opportunities tomake substantial contributions toward the success of our business.



  • Support focus is on FW and SW for processorbased storage integrated circuit and reference designs

  • Assist in hardware support as needed

  • Work closely with Tier 1 OEMs/ODMs to definerequirements, manage deliverables and support initial bring-up to fullproduction

  • Work independently, and in a team environment

  • Travel within China and internationally, asneeded to work at customer sites to debug hardware and software for the marketleading MSCC storage devices product lines

  • Working closely with cross-functional teams tosupport customers

  • Support of HW & SW solutions to assist withnew product design wins, customer ramp to production, and production

  • Develop verification requirements, understandarchitectures and HW/SW designs in order to characterize customer relatedproblems, providing timely customer technical support and engineering feedback

  • Develop customer level documentation



  • Bachelors or Master degree in EE, CS, or CE

  • Greater than 5 years of experience

  • Strong teamwork, communication and presentationskills

  • Ability to effectively work withcross-functional teams and across multiple geographical locations

  • Strong knowledge or experience in any one ofthe serial bus or networking protocols (e.g. SAS, SATA, PCI-Express, FibreChannel, Ethernet etc.)

  • Strong debugging skills and experience withRTOS, Linux kernel (Windbg), or Windows etc.

  • C/C++ programming skills

  • Fluent in Mandarin and English speaking skills


Desired Qualifications:

  • Hardware development experience is plus

  • Customer facing experience

  • Experience working with Marketing and Salesteams

  • Technical leadership experience

  • Experience with RISC based embedded processors(MIPS preferred)

  • Program management experience

  • Storage experience - familiarity with storagenetworking concepts and protocols (Fibre Channel, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, SCSI,SAS and SATA, iSCSI, RAID, PCI, PCI-Express)

  • Past work with Unix &Wintel drivers andexperience in FW development with light weight embedded kernels (ThreadX,VxWorks, eCos, etc.)



Position : Staff Integration Engineer

Business Unit: ESC - ScalableStorage

Location: Hangzhou, China


Asan Integrating Engineer you will be part of our Applications Engineering team.We are responsible for working closely with the Product Development teams,Product Validation teams, Marketing teams, and Sales teams to provide world-classcustomer technical support. We provide customer technical support to assist indesign wins, customer product ramp, and customer product production. We offer achallenging and dynamic working environment with opportunities to makesubstantial contributions toward the success of our business.


  • Work at tier-1 customer site to plan andexecute integration test plans to ensure interoperability of Microsemi storageproducts with Tier-1 data-center customers' platforms

  • Work closely with the customer and Microsemiinternal teams to define system integration requirements, manage deliverablesand support initial system integration bring-up to full production

  • Travel within China and internationally, asneeded to work with Microsemi internal teams to plan lab tests, receive andprovide training, and to resolve hardware and software issues for the marketleading Microsemi storage devices product lines

Basic Qualifications:

  • Bachelors or Master degree in electrical orcomputer engineering or computing science

  • 5+ years of engineering experience

  • Experience in the Storage Industry

  • Experience in any one of the serial bus ornetworking protocols (e.g. SAS, SATA, PCI-Express, Fibre Channel, Ethernet,TCP/IP, etc.)

  • Experience with board-level bring-up and test

  • Experience with SW and FW bring-up and test

  • Good communication skills in both Chinese andEnglish

  • Customer facing experience

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience in hardware development, ASIC orboard design

  • Understanding of storage architectures, SAS,SATA, PCIe, RAID, expanders or protocol controllers

  • Experience in storage firmware and software,embedded processors (i.e. MIPS), embedded kernels (ThreadX, VxWorks, etc.),Unix &Wintel drivers, debuggers (JTAG, serial port, Green Hills)

Position : Technical Lead - Applications

Business Unit: Systems on ChipProducts Group

Location: Shenzhen or Shanghai,China



The successfulcandidate will work with senior members to become familiar with SOC/FPGAproduct line of Microsemi and provide application designs, solutions and designservices for customers. The candidate will be responsible managing a team ofapplication engineers for developing RTL designs targeted for Microsemi FPGAfamily of devices. Successful candidates will be able to gather requirements,put together design documents, code in RTL to good coding standards, puttogether functional simulation and validation plans, run functional simulationsand validate designs on Microsemi or customer hardware.


Requiresa Bachelors or Master’s Degree in Computer Science OR Electrical/ElectronicEngineering with a minimum of 15 years’ experience.


Required Skills:

  • Clear understanding of logic design concepts

  • Solid Verilog/VHDL programming skills

  • Ability to write test benches for functionalsimulation at both system level and block level

  • Good understanding and exposure to developinglow power designs and closing timing

  • Working knowledge of communication protocolsand bus architectures such as PCIe, SATA, XAUI, SGMII, Fiber Channel, CPRI,10G-KR, XGPON etc.

  • Desired to have knowledge of DSP concepts

  • Experience in C/C++ is a plus

  • Ability to review board level schematics andunderstanding of basic circuits

  • Ability to work with various lab equipment suchas oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, bus analyzers etc

  • Ability to multi-task

  • Ability to be part of a dynamic, team orientedapplications engineering organization

  • Ability to lead and coach junior engineers inthe team

  • Comfortable with a reporting structure inShenzhen, India and the United States. Willing to participate and interact witha Supervisor and colleagues in India and the United States which will involvecommunication during "non-standard" working hours.

  • Excellent communication skills and fluentMandarin speaking and English Language, written and spoken.




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